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RU Sports Performance Center (SPC) creates functional and comprehensive training programs for any athlete in any sport (and we believe EVERYONE is an athlete). Our certified strength coaches ensure success by training the body the way it was intended to move and creating strategies that improve movement patterns, not just individual muscles. Join us at any of our three facilities for weekly strength training and injury prevention classes, one-on-one personal training, and regular education seminars. SPC workouts will challenge you like never before!

Saturday Program:
Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

Our Saturday-morning workouts are designed and led by certified strength & conditioning coaches. We create a comprehensive workout that is definitely challenging, but also a lot of fun! Perfect for High School and College Athletes. More Info.

Interval & Strength Training Workout

Not your average track workout! Run-Fit includes interval training, form and pacing drills, strength and flexibility training. Run-Fit will make you feel stronger for your training walks, jogs, or runs and is a great way to burn calories. More Info.

Fit 4 Life:
Fitness & Function for Older Adults

Fit 4 Life is a class designed to increase balance, strength, mobility and overall health in older adults (50+). Each workout will boost the mind, body and spirit while helping older adults decrease fall risk and live actively with more vigor and better function. More info.

Tri-Strength: Multisport Strength, Conditioning & Injury Prevention
Tri-Strength's workouts include 3-Dimensional strength, power, core and flexibility exercises to enhance performance while reducing injury risk. Tri-Strength increases swimming, cycling and running efficiency so you can train harder without overtraining. More info.

Power Hour: Fitness & Strength Boot Camps
Power Hour boot camps are the most efficient way to get fit and lose weight. Circuit training with functional strength, flexibility and cardio exercises will challenge every muscle from your head to your toes. All fitness levels welcome – Power Hour is a great workout for anyone! More info.

Pedal Power™:
An Unparalleled Cycling Class

Pedal Power™ is a bring-your-own-bike & trainer cycling class that increases pedal efficiency, power, strength and stamina. Not a cyclist? Pedal Power™ is also a great workout to burn calories or increase overall fitness. More Info.

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