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RU Tri-Strength

Mondays: 6:00pm & Thursdays: 6:30pm @ RU 1 (Kearny Mesa)

Mondays & Thursdays: 3:00pm & 6:00pm @ RU 2 (Carmel Valley)

RU Sports Performance Center's functional strength and fitness classes are the perfect supplement to your current training program.

Tri-Strength workouts include 3-Dimensional strength, power, core and flexibility exercises to enhance performance while reducing injury risk. Tri-Strength increases swimming, cycling and running efficiency so you can train harder without overtraining. All fitness levels welcome!


- Scott Ryan (RU1 - Kearny Mesa)
- Taylor Aglio (RU1 - Kearny Mesa)

- Bryan Hill (RU2 - Carmel Valley)
- Jeff Praino-Miller (RU2 - Carmel Valley)


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