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In the summer of 1991, their final summer in high school together before Sean went off to college, “The Brothers Hill” had planned 3 months of friends, sports, travel and fun. On June 8th, their plans came to a halt when Sean received a scary phone call from a family friend that Bryan had been hurt badly during an indoor soccer game and to await another phone call with more details. After what seemed like hours of waiting, Sean finally received a call from their mother stating that Bryan had badly broken his femur and doctors were testing to determine the extent of the injury. It was soon determined that nerves and a major artery were barely missed, but Bryan would require extensive surgery and physical therapy in the hospital for a minimum of one week before he would even be allowed to go home. Sean dropped everything and spent the week in the hospital with Bryan to help him rehabilitate alongside Bryan’s physical therapist. Sean thrived on finding ways to encourage Bryan and guide him just to walk again.

The best part was that it didn’t feel like work for Sean –it was fun! Bryan recognized and felt the same amazing experience from the patient’s perspective. Throughout the week they solidified themselves as a life-long team who would encourage each other unconditionally. They talked about how fun it would be in the future to provide the same care and encouragement to others as that “team”. During that week together in the hospital, Sean and Bryan realized they had found their calling – they were determined not only to become Physical Therapists, but to someday open their own practice together and provide a quality of care for their clients never encountered before. Sean and Bryan wanted to provide not just treatment services, but a global treatment philosophy founded on encouragement, empathy, passion, and giving the very best of themselves to others. With their mother joining them from Arizona to help get started, their dream of a family private practice become reality exactly twelve years and one day after Bryan’s “life-changing injury”! On June 9th, 2003, they opened Rehab United Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc.! Reality.

Rehab United Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Inc. (Rehab United or RU) welcomes you to experience our ever-growing variety of services in an energetic, dynamic, family environment. Our goal is to become the premier providers for adult and pediatric rehabilitation and sports performance training in San Diego and its surrounding areas. We are a private practice that provides the community with a local alternative to the conventional means of rehabilitation; with a commitment to treating patients functionally from a purely biomechanical perspective, which is based on the most current research in rehabilitation. Our specialty is the functional approach to evaluation and treatment, manual skills, and strength and conditioning servicing the pediatric to the geriatric populations. Our practice is committed 100% to functional outpatient rehabilitation which includes a transitional program to Fit Societe. RU was created by two physical therapists, who are also brothers and best friends – Bryan and Sean Hill. They built RU from the ground up with an emphasis on functional treatment specialties and manual therapy. Bryan Hill, PT is the co-owner, CEO, President, and Director of Rehab Services for RU while Sean Hill, MPT, CSCS serves as the co-owner, Vice President of RU and the director and founder of Rehab United's Pediatric Physical Therapy Services.


“The Brothers Hill” could not have done it without the selfless help of their partner and good friend Steve Tashjian, MPT, CSCS, who also co-founded SPC (formerly the The Sports Performance Combine). Steve’s expertise and incredible skills in program design and periodization helped establish SPC become what it is today. In 2007, Steve was named Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and staff physical therapist for the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer (MLS). We are proud of Steve and his accomplishments and wish him the best as he follows his dreams! RU has a unique make-up, unlike any other practice anywhere! RU encompasses all forms of adult functional physical therapy, from worker’s compensation, motor vehicle accidents, conditions such as fibromyalgia and post-polio syndrome, to all orthopedic injuries. SPC is the sports performance and enhancement side of RU. Conventional methods of strength and conditioning do not prepare the athlete for the chaotic nature of sport; SPC breaks through these barriers by designing fitness programs that replicate the unpredictability of athletic competition. At SPC, we replicate chaos, then teach you how to react to it, control it and overcome it.

All of our programs are run by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). We provide elite training for the professional athlete, one-on-one and small-group training, team training and conditioning, injury prevention, dietary/nutritional counseling, speed/agility camps, and educational seminars. RU seeks the most talented physical therapists in the region along with the most well-rounded front office staff to provide an intimate professional environment with a unique family feel. Internally, development programs emphasize rapid growth in functional manual skills and exercise prescription. Personal attention is given to specialized programs in functional rehabilitation of amateur and professional athletes, repetitive strain injuries, work hardening and conditioning programs, pre-and post-operative orthopedics, and complicated case management, while always focused on returning our patients to their prior level of function. The work place is managed to provide substantial one-on-one patient to physical therapist interaction not only with evaluation, but treatment as well. Our commitment to quality assurance is unmatched and emphasized in every aspect of our practice. Most of all, Rehab United is a family of professionals and clients who together change lives every day for the better, to create a more educated, healthy, mutually respectful and supportive San Diego community.

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