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Blood Flow Restriction Training

What Is Blood Flow Restriction?

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is the use of a blood pressure cuff/tourniquet to safely restrict venous and arterial blood flow from the working muscles at rest or during activity. This is done (accomplished) primarily with low-intensity and low-load resistance training, causing metabolic stress and cellular swelling that replicate the response during high-intensity and high-workload HIIT or other exercise.

There Are Over 920 Published Articles With Evidence on the Effectiveness of Blood Flow Restriction Training

What Are the Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction?

  • Drastically improve your patients’ post-surgical recovery time

  • Prevent or treat muscle atrophy or loss in both acute and chronic injuries/patients

  • Use as accessory work to decrease joint and tendon stress

  • Drives cellular repair and rejuvenation to improve scar and bone healing time

  • Improve VO2 Max or improve cardiovascular function at lower intensities

  • HGH production driving IGF - improved muscle, bones, and tissue growth

Ideal Candidates for Blood Flow Restriction Training:

  • Active Recovery

  • Bed-Ridden

  • Post-Operative (ACL, Achilles, Fx, TKR/THR)

  • Casted Patients

  • Elderly Population

  • Athletes

Blood Flow Restriction services at Rehab United are considered cash-pay services and are not covered by insurance.

We are unable to provide procedure or billing codes.

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