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Meet the Team

Since 2003, our family has grown from a team of three to a team of over 100 people! Our "cRUw" is key to our success and we truly take pride in the family we've built over the years. The Rehab United Difference Begins with Our People.

Karla Noyola

Patient Accounting Specialist

Karla Noyola.jpg

Hometown: San Diego, California

Education: Psychology (Associates Degree) Fall 2022, Currently working towards bachelor’s degree for Health Information Management.

Sports: I use to play softball, soccer, and basketball when I was younger. My favorite team is the Padres.

Hobbies: Creating Music, playing the piano, and meditating.

Favorite Foods: Authentic Mexican Food especially my moms 😊

Whom You Admire / Favorite Mentor: My parents

Nickname: My dad calls me "chapparita" which translates to "shorty" because of my height.

Fun Fact About You: I am 49% Native American

Biography: Karla was born and raised in San Diego, California. She previously worked as a Payroll Administrator and Recovery Specialist. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management.


Her passions have always been music. She really loves creating and writing music whenever she has free time. Another passion of her is helping others whenever she can by volunteering on charities.


She joined Rehab United because she believes in Rehab’s Core Values.

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