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Does knee pain keep you from being active? Are you fearful of squatting, going for a walk, run, or hike? Does your knee pain limit your quality of life?  Have you had no success with other treatments?

Our Solution

We are a physical therapy clinic that is dedicated to helping you finally get to the bottom of your nagging and severe knee pain. That way, you can get back to your hobbies, perform your best in your sport, and live your life without making your knee pain worse.

Knee pain will often start as a small but tolerable ache or tightness around your knee under your knee cap, but it can quickly progress into pain that limits your ability to run, squat, go hiking, or even walk.  When we talk to our new patients about what they have been doing to manage their knee pain, we often hear them saying, "I’ve been resting and icing my knee hoping it would get better." Unfortunately, this rarely fixes the problem and with only minor temporary relief, if any.

Additionally, you may hear friends, family, or a doctor recommend for you to "stop running, stop skiing, avoid kneeling to garden, or quit hiking" while telling you that these activities are "hard on your knees." This advice is likely the last thing you want to hear, knowing that your hobby or activity is what makes you happy and gives you joy.

Let's Set the Record Straight


Running, gardening, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or soccer are not bad for your knees! We help individuals just like you find relief from chronic and annoying knee pain nearly every day. What I can tell you is that pain medications, injections, or surgery may all be helpful in the short-term. However, on their own, they're not likely to provide a long-term solution.

Why? Because they only treat the symptoms of your knee pain without ever addressing the biomechanics of what the root cause is in the first place!

At Rehab United, we know a better way to get you out of pain by assessing and treating your condition and utilizing a purely functional biomechanical approach to your knee pain.

Our Free Guide

Knee Pain Guide - Cover Mockup.png

Inside you'll find:​

  • Why over half of knee pain sufferers make their own knee pain WORSE by doing this one thing wrong.

  • Treatments that don't require any drugs, injections or talking to a doctor.

  • What’s REALLY causing your knee pain, with no cost incurred.

  • What to do right now if you suffer from nagging debilitating knee pain.

Just click the “Download Free Guide” button above, provide your information, and you'll instantly receive the guide by email.

Our guide is perfect for you if:

  • You get knee pain with everyday activities like walking, going downstairs, squatting, going for a walk or run -or-

  • You have difficulty sitting or lying in one position for an extended period of time -or-

  • You've had knee pain for a long time that hasn't gotten better with other treatments -or-

  • Your knee pain prevents you from living the active social life you want.

Don't just wait for it to go away on its own. Let us help you get rid of the pain soon before the problem gets worse and much more costly.

Medical Disclaimer: All information provided on our website and in our e-books are intended for instructional and informational purposes only.

We are not responsible for any harm or injury that may result. Significant injury risk is possible if you do not follow due diligence and seek suitable professional advice about your injury. No guarantees of specific results are expressly made or implied by the content provided.

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