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Serving All of San Diego

RU Massage & Wellness takes great pride in taking a collaborative approach to treatment across all the services that we offer. Our massage therapists work in conjunction with our physical therapists and Fit Societe coaches to deliver a treatment plan that best serves your needs.

San Diego is our home and you are our family. Each of our locations is filled with friendly staff members ready to help you get started on your journey to healing.
We are a San Diego-based Physical Therapy, Massage, and Wellness business and have been helping our friends and family since 2003.

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3323 Carmel Mountain Road Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone Number: (858)720-0991

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3959 Ruffin Road 

Suite J

San Diego, CA 92123

Phone Number: (858)-279-5570

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8491 FLetcher Parkway

La Mesa, CA 91942 

Phone Number: (619)-460-0137


1955 Citracado Parkway Suite 201

Escondido, CA 92029

Phone Number: (760)294-6100

 We Truly Care About Your Well Being!  As a part of our family, We want you to live pain-free!

Why Choose Us? 

Therapeutic Massages
Custom Care
Life Long Care
 We focus on helping your body and mind relax and recharge

So you can face each day with renewed energy.
We pair you with a highly specialized Massage Therapist who best suits your needs.
The family who watches and listens to your problems and takes it personally.
We focus on lifelong care for you as an individual.
We not only heal your current problems but we
care for you long after your first visit 

Our treatment plan is based on scientific truths, not theory.
Strategically tackle your root cause and using the most effective and efficient technique for you.

Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

Self-care has never been more important, given the ever-increasing demands on our busy lives. Regular therapeutic massage and bodywork are key in maintaining health and wellness, helping your body and mind relax and recharge so you can face each day with renewed energy.

Massage Therapy
Decreased Inflammation
Hot Stone Massage
Better Sleep
Massage Therapy
Increased Mobility
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Less Chronic Pain
Drug-Free Alternative To Pain Control
Head Massage
Fewer Tension headaches
Lowered Anxiety and Stress
Increased Immune system function
  Take advantage of this opportunity to alleviate any pain you may be going through and reap all the benefits!


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Sports Massage 
Salts Massage
Sweedish Massage
Upper Back Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Massage Therapy
Injury/ Rehabilitative 
Pressure Point Massage
Prenatal Massage
Back Massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Relaxing Back Massage
Thai Massage

Our team has the education and the on-site resources to help guide you through your healing process. Whether it’s an acute injury that has you temporarily sidelined, chronic pain that requires ongoing care, or tension that takes up residence in your body as a result of the mental and physical stresses of life, we are here to help you restore your body to optimal wellness through therapeutic touch.

  The same principles of Applied Functional Science® that differentiate our physical therapists from a “traditional” approach are used in guiding our massage therapists in creating and individualized massage session that addresses your body’s needs.

Whether you are seeking treatment to alleviate chronic low back pain, recover from a recent race, or manage stress and fatigue, our practitioners have a breadth of knowledge in body mechanics, functional kinesiology, and tissue healing to help get your body feeling its best!


At Rehab United, we focus on making our home yours. San Diego is our home and you are our family.

Our massage therapists evaluate each client individually to determine the optimal technique, or combination of massage techniques while also accommodating specific client requests when able. Therefore, we offer the same pricing for all types of massage and vary our prices only based on the duration of the session. 

We offer monthly massage memberships to allow and encourage our clients to take advantage of the benefits of massage more consistently. Each membership Tier includes the applicable number of monthly massage(s) at no additional cost, plus discounts on additional massages beyond that throughout the month.

(We offer clients a discounted rate for committing to regular monthly or bi-monthly massage sessions. ) 

As a family, we care for each other and we go above and beyond in making sure you are living the life you deserve because nothing makes us happier than to see our family grow into something and achieve the things they deserve. 







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