Meet the Team

Since 2003, our family has grown from a team of three to a team of over 100 people! Our "cRUw" is key to our success and we truly take pride in the family we've built over the years. The Rehab United Difference Begins with Our People.

Oriana Barger, LPTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Oriana Barger_edited.jpg

Hometown: Oakland, California

Education: San Diego Mesa College, Associates of Science, 2021

Sports: Yoga & Swim

Hobbies: Playing pool, watching Bravo TV, making online content

Favorite Foods: Mexican Food! Carne asada fries, burritos, rolled tacos, churros

Whom You Admire / Favorite Mentor: Brene Brown, Dr. Alicia Jeffrey (DPT online Pelvic Health creator), and Dolly Parton because who couldn’t admire her genuine kindness for others

Nickname: O or Oreo

Fun Fact About You: I love dancing and am always encouraging others to dance more too!

Biography: Oriana became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in 2021 after going through the PTA program at San Diego Mesa College. Between time spent in the PT field and over 15 years working for people at restaurants and bars, Oriana has developed a deep passion to help others take control of their bodies through mindfulness, breathing, and functional movement. Oriana also enjoys working with kids (being
the oldest sister of 6), and is passionate about helping people understand their mind and body connection.

Oriana is originally from Oakland, CA where she lived until middle school before moving to San Diego. When done with grade school, Oriana worked in a variety of service industry establishments including cafes, fine dining restaurants, and local sports bars. She also spent many years instructing yoga and assisting in managing yoga studios. After years of hearing people say, “meditation and exercise aren’t for me”, she realized how much connecting with the body is a community-driven thing. She decided to start that community by hosting free yoga classes at bars, teaching meditation for companies during their lunch hour, and creating online content for people to feel encouraged to move and breathe more.

In her free time, Oriana enjoys dancing, playing pool, watching Bravo TV, and spending time with her Australian Shepherd named Renly. She also loves learning about new cultures and traveling the world with her husband, Matt. Since they’ve been together they have spent time across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and road tripped the Western half of the USA!

Oriana feels so excited and blessed to be a part of the Rehab United team and believes her knowledge, passion, and motivation to help people achieve their goals will vibe wonderfully with the inclusive culture and atmosphere of Rehab United. Movement, mindfulness, and internal connection should be accessible to all, and she can’t wait to assist others in that as an RU employee.