San Diego, California. November 28, 2018

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November 28, 2018



SAN DIEGO, CA – Over the last 15 years, Rehab United Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Inc. has grown from a small family business run by two brothers to a professionally-managed organization that maintains its belief in entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and innovative thinking. In line with our Core Values and Rehab United culture, expansion to serve our greater San Diego area has always been an opportunity goal for our clients and staff alike. Rehab United, Inc. is excited to formally announce that we are indeed expanding, adding two more facilities to our San Diego family. Rehab United has recently acquired Ed Ayub Physical Therapy, providing new locations in Bonita and Point Loma.


In 1982, Ed and Mary Ayub, opened their doors with a mission to develop the finest physical therapy treatment experience in San Diego. They developed incredible relationships with the support of their team, referring physicians, and valued patients over the last 36 years! The Ayubs feel privileged to serve the San Diego community and genuinely thankful for trusting them over the years. Their clients’ loyalty and friendship have enriched their lives and given them relationships and memories they will always treasure.


Although expectedly saddened, the time has come for the Ayubs to retire and enjoy this transition in their lives. The Brothers Hill are ecstatic that Rehab United was always Ed and Mary’s top choice to continue their legacy. Bryan Hill, Rehab United’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, began his career as young and driven physical therapist at Ed Ayub Physical Therapy in 1999! Bryan is proud to have had Ed as one of his mentors, one who believed in him and had the foresight to predict Bryan’s future success through his passion and determination to provide the very best care through progression and innovation. It was this history together that provided Ed and Mary the confidence to have their practice come full circle of and mutually facilitate this transition for Rehab United to honor their legacy and continue to provide you with the best care that San Diego has to offer. The Hills and Ayubs mutually believe that Rehab United’s innovative approach and expertise will provide you access to resources that will truly enhance your care and provide you with the best outcomes.



Rehab United has worked hard to become San Diego’s leading providers in functional physical therapy, massage, and fitness services since 2003. We are not only known for our quality services and commitment to the San Diego community, but for our RU Family Culture. We pride ourselves in 3 key areas:


  1. We are a teaching facility. We emphasize education. Teaching our patients about the causes of their condition, correct body mechanics, and new healthy habits increases their ability to prevent reinjury and results in the best outcomes. Likewise, we drive continuing education for our staff through our RUniversity program to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality and most effective treatment.

  2. We provide comprehensive and collaborative options for truly holistic care. Our triad of in-house services—physical therapy, massage, and fitness—provides our patients with an effective path from recovery to prevention. Patient care doesn’t stop then start at the transition, but continues seamlessly and often simultaneously. The combination of these three disciplines, combined within a patient’s treatment, results in a stronger and more holistically-educated patient.

  3. We’ve designed an environment where our patients can thrive and accelerate change. Our patients are in pain—we strive to provide a positive, fun, and family environment where our patients can feel comfortable through the course of their treatment. We encourage open communication, we challenge our patients, and we make rehabilitation an enjoyable experience.


If you have any questions about this exciting transition and what it will mean for you, please contact our offices and our staff will be happy to provide answers. This is an exciting time for Rehab United and we hope you are as excited for this opportunity as we are!  On behalf of our entire RU cRUw, we welcome you to come meet our extended family! 





Bryan and Sean Hill

Rehab United Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Inc.

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