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Private-Pay Services

Prices listed below apply only to private-pay wellness services. If your treatment will be covered under your insurance policy, we will obtain a quote of benefits from your insurance carrier that will outline your costs under your policy. For more information on insurance coverage, please refer to our Insurance page.

Wellness Therapy: Physical & Occupational

Our Wellness Therapy services provide private-pay options for patients who prefer not to use insurance or whose insurance policies we are not in-network with. Since these are "cash-pay" services, they are billed internally and insurance procedure codes are not utilized, therefore cannot be provided.

Wellness Evaluation
Wellness Visit - Single Session
Wellness Visit - Seniors (65+)
Wellness Visit - 6 Session Package
Wellness Visit - 12 Session Package

Massage Therapy - Single Sessions

Our massage therapists evaluate each client individually to determine the optimal technique, or combination of massage techniques while also accommodating specific client requests when able. Therefore, we offer the same pricing for all types of massage and vary our prices only based on the duration of the session. 

30 Minute Customized Massage
60 Minute Customized Massage
90 Minute Customized Massage
120 Minute Customized Massage

Massage Therapy - Monthly Memberships

As of February 1, 2020, we will begin offering monthly massage memberships to allow and encourage our clients to take advantage of the benefits of massage more consistently. Each membership Tier includes the applicable number of monthly massage(s) at no additional cost, plus discounts on additional massages beyond that throughout the month.  

Tier 1 Membership: 30 Minutes Once A Month
Tier 1 Membership: 60 Minutes Once A Month
Tier 1 Membership: 90 Minutes Once A Month
Tier 1 Membership: 120 Minutes Once A Month
Tier 2 Membership: 30 Minutes Twice A Month
Tier 2 Membership: 60 Minutes Twice A Month
Tier 2 Membership: 90 Minutes Twice A Month
Tier 2 Membership: 120 Minutes Twice A Month

Massage Therapy Add-Ons & Upgrades

Enhance your massage therapy sessions with one of our add-ons. Upgrades available at discounted prices for monthly members based on membership tier. Ask your massage therapist about which upgrade(s) are best for your needs!

Instruments Assisted (Cupping & IASTM)
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Doterra Deep Blue

Wellness Classes & Workshops

We offer classes and workshops that provide additional resources to improve your overall health and wellness.

Sound Bath Meditation
Mobility Workshop

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are made to manage specific foot types that are limiting function, causing pain, and preventing normal activity or recreation. 

Evaluation, Casting, & First Pair
Second Pair

Blood Flow Restriction Training: Purchase

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is the use of a blood pressure cuff/tourniquet to safely restrict venous and arterial blood flow from the working muscles at rest or during activity.

Unit Purchase
Customized Programming (per month)
2-Month Auto-Renewable Commitment. 1 LOP Visit Per Month.
Maintenance Programming (per month)
Available After Initial 2 Months. General Programming Access.

Blood Flow Restriction Training: Rental

First Month Start-Up Rate
Set-Up and Assessment. Rental of Equipment. Customized Weekly Programming, and 1 LOP Visit.
Monthly Rental Plan (After 1st Month)
Rental of Equipment. Customized Weekly Programming. 1 LOP Visit Per Month.

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Push your recovery and training further by reducing gravity's impact. The AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill can be booked for standard use in
15-minute increments up to 90 minutes. Please inquire about pricing for additional services such as Functional Movement Analyses and Performance Assessments.

15 Minute Block
Wellness Prices
Massage Prices
Orthotics Prices
AlterG Prices
Blood Flow Restriction Training
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