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Sound Bath Meditation

Waves of soothing, echoing sound from specially tuned glass and metal bowl instruments, also known as a “sound bath,” may help with stress, fatigue, and depression symptoms.

Let's talk about mental exhaustion. Mental exhaustion is that feeling we have all experienced when the amount of decisions we need to make, the pace at which they need to be made, and the pressure we put on ourselves to get it all done wears us down. Just like our bodies show symptoms after we push too hard, our minds are bound to display signs of mental exhaustion if we don't pause for self-care.

A Sound Bath experience is a relaxing and meditative sound immersion experience that will invoke peace and healing within you. Participants release and unwind as they "bathe" in the ambient tones produced by crystal singing bowls, chimes, and other instruments. A Sound Bath is a meditative practice that allows your mind and body to sink into deep relaxation and healing.

Our one-hour meditation events allow you to invest time in yourself and allow this unique Sound Bath experience to clear your headspace and allow your mind to follow the meditative peace of the sound waves led by our expert facilitator, Kathy Wolff.

Benefits of sound baths:

  • Deepening relaxation

  • Lowering stress and anxiety

  • Improving mood and well-being

  • Improving sleep

  • Heightening focus and energy

  • A feeling of rejuvenation

Don't Want to Miss Out?

The success of our Sound Bath Meditation events has increased the amount of sign-ups we receive. This is a friendly reminder that our events are first come first serve and in order to receive a seat, you will need to sign up before all slots are full. If you sign-up after all 20 seats are filled, you will placed on a waitlist.


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