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Telehealth Physical Therapy

Why Should You Choose Telehealth?

Access to healthcare experts is becoming increasingly difficult, with many patients waiting weeks or months to get an assessment, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our patients are self-quarantined or social distancing.  Rehab United has focused on the recommended modifications and precautions while still offering readily-available appointment times, including same-day options. We continue to make every effort to reduce that gap and provide appointment times for evaluations or continued treatment, social distancing precautions or symptomatic patients need an option for continued care.  While physical therapy is still an approved essential Healthcare Operation, even in a Shelter-In-Place Order, Telehealth bridges that gap by continuing to offer expert guidance, management and progression of chronic pain, mobility, strength and simply keeping our patients moving!

Physical therapy is often essential at a time like this to allow our patients to receive guided care despite their medical health state. As technology improves to make it easier for people to connect with each other, our team is ahead of the curve to make access to our experts available.

 Why Telehealth? 

Telehealth is a 1-on-1 virtual appointment with your Physical Therapist. This dedicated time will be focused on checking-in on the patient, reviewing progress on the home exercise program as well as initiating new exercises to continue working towards established goals.

Telehealth at Rehab United

Rehab United is founded on Applied Functional Science comprised of functional movement specialists allowing us to be highly effective when evaluating and assessing through video conference platforms.  We encourage and promote the progression to independence for our clients, while providing the encouragement, expert guidance and support that is required to ensure successful therapy outcomes.  We are offering remote access through video conferencing, monitoring, functional movement assessment, exercise program development and treatment consultation.  Through these channels, our clients can experience excellent results in similar timeframes, even without the need for manual therapy-based treatment.  With an expert navigating your journey to better health, you can achieve results from the comfort of your own home or office.

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E-Visits for Medicare & Aetna Patients

Are you a Medicare or Aetna patient? In light of the current circumstances, Medicare has recently approved e-visits once every seven days, and Aetna has followed suit! Patients with these two carriers can now request to meet with their therapist for a valuable weekly check-in via virtual appointment.

Insurance Coverage

Exciting News! To enable patients to receive continued physical therapy care, the State of California has recently mandated commercial insurance plans that are licensed under the Department of Managed Health Care to cover telehealth services until further notice. To find out if your specific policy falls under this mandate, contact us today. Read the mandate here.


Have you scheduled your telehealth visits yet?

Ask us about your Free Discovery Visit!

Telehealth treatment is typically covered by health insurance, however, it is best to confirm that your specific plan is accepted by Rehab United.
In the event that your insurance is not contracted with Rehab United, we offer cash-pay services. 


A prescription is not required for physical therapy, however, your insurance company may require one for payment for services rendered. 

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