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Meet the Team

Since 2003, our family has grown from a team of three to a team of over 100 people! Our "cRUw" is key to our success and we truly take pride in the family we've built over the years. The Rehab United Difference Begins with Our People.

Travis Ziegler

Front Office Assistant

Travis Ziegler.JPG

Hometown: San Diego, California

Education: West Hills High School

Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, Volleyball

Hobbies: Shopping, hiking, brunching, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race with my sister.

Favorite Foods: I don’t have a favorite food but I can say I never turn down French fries – ever.

Whom You Admire / Favorite Mentor: 

Real life: I admire my parents for their unwavering and unconditional support. They are the epitome of loving parents and I couldn’t be more fortunate.

Celebrity: Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City – not only for her razor-sharp wit, intelligence, business acumen and self-deprecating humor but also for her global humanitarian efforts in disaster relief.

Cher: Need I say more?

Nickname: Trav, Travey, T-Money (new one thanks to Bryan!)

Fun Fact About You: My sister and I have a concert bucket list – we’ve seen P!nk 4 times, Beyonce once, Cher once and Shania Twain once. The last one on our list is Lady Gaga.

Biography: I was born and raised in San Diego. I lived in Charlotte for one year while I was working at Target but after that year was up, I was more than ready to come back home. I started pushing carts at Target when I was 16 and 2 years later, I was promoted to the Electronics Department Manager. I stayed with the company for 7 years before departing for the world of Optometry. I spent 8 years in the field as the senior front desk and insurance coordinator before exiting to come work for Rehab United. I am a proud member of the Human Rights Campaign. My hobbies are listed above but some of my passions are working, learning, politics, and enjoying my fabulous life! 


I have one older sister (who I never let forget that she is indeed OLDER) as well as 2 cats, Archie and Bianca. If I could have one superpower, I would want Omnilingualism – the ability to understand, write and fluently speak all languages instantly - the amount of culture that can bring to your life is invaluable!

When I got the call to interview with Rehab United, I immediately went to Google and Yelp to find out about Rehab United and was impressed by what I saw. As someone who is close with their sibling – Bryan and Sean’s story certainly resonated with me and I felt it would be a great company where I can learn, grow, make new friends and invest my future with.

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