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Changes for UCSD HMO Patients

Read below about upcoming changes that will affect patients who are insured through an HMO policy with UCSD designated as their medical group.

As operational costs continue to rise, it becomes inevitable for us to reevaluate our contracted rates with the insurance companies that we accept to ensure that we are receiving equitable value for the quality of service that we provide. While we have made every effort to renegotiate these rates for UCSD’s HMO policy, we have unfortunately been unable to reach an agreement that allows us to continue to provide our services to valued patients such as you without incurring incremental losses.

Therefore, after careful consideration and with reservation, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to accept HMO policies beginning on December 1, 2022. While we do not make this decision lightly, it is a necessary step to take in ensuring that we, as an organization, can continue to serve our employees as best as we do our patients.

Please note that while this change will affect patients with HMO policies, it will not affect patients who have coverage through PPO or POS policies as well as Medicare or Tricare plans. We hope to continue to serve these patients for years to come as we have since opening our doors to the San Diego community in 2003.

What This Means for Patients Currently Receiving Care

  • If you have a PPO, POS, or other non-HMO coverage, there will be no changes to your care.

  • If you have an HMO policy through UCSD, you may continue to be seen at any Rehab United facility through November 30, 2022. After this date, we will no longer be able to accept UCSD HMO insured patients regardless of expiration dates on any outstanding authorizations.

  • If you have an HMO policy through UCSD, your therapist can request authorizations for continuation of care through Friday, October 7th. After this date, no new authorizations will be requested.

Options for Continuing Your Care at Rehab United

  • Between now and November 30th, a UCSD HMO insured patient can purchase a non-refundable Wellness Package (6 visits @ $600 or 12 visits @ $1164) and receive a FREE 60-min Customized Therapeutic Massage (expires 3-months after purchase).

  • Consider enrolling in a POS or PPO plan at your next insurance open enrollment to gain the ability to choose where you can receive your care.

  • Take advantage of our competitive private pay options for which you can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), if you have one. Your physical therapist can develop a plan of care according to your selected package.

We value our patients and have made every effort to provide reasonable alternatives to allow you to continue your care at Rehab United. We understand that this will affect your ability to receive care and welcome your feedback to help us make future decisions surrounding insurance.

If you have additional questions about this change, please visit our FAQ page on our website at For assistance with specific concerns, please contact us at (858) 634-4000 and select Option 1 for all UCSD inquiries.

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