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Amputee Rehab

Our unique approach encompasses functional transformation in every athlete and individual, regardless of their disability through a variety of interventions including hands-on biomechanical facilitation (Functional Manual Reaction or “FMR”), neurological re-education, and goal-specific therapeutic activities.

Any amputation, whether congenital or traumatic can be a physically challenging and emotional time in one’s life. Skilled physical therapy is often necessary to restore optimal functional levels and meet the long term goals of the individual.

At RU, we implement a holistic approach and consider your biomechanical limitations during a comprehensive posture and gait analysis and functional excursion and balance testing incorporating tri-planar movement analysis. We are skilled in identifying movement deficits and utilizing the individual’s strengths in order to engage proper form utilizing selected drivers, ground-reaction forces, mass, momentum and gravity to our benefit.


Our therapists are also well trained in providing neuromuscular facilitation techniques through skilled manual interventions. Most intervention techniques at RU are designed to enhance the individual’s functional limitation(s) and therefore are dynamic with the use of external supports such as hand held assist and four points of contact when appropriate.


Balance and gait abnormalities are apparent with the use of a prosthetic limb. Incorporating gait and balance strategies that can be easily replicated at home are important and considered essential throughout the plan of care. Prosthetic limbs are essentially a continuation of the residual limb and RU feels that each individual should feel confident and comfortable with their prosthetic device. We look forward to helping you meet your current and lifelong goals.

In addition to physical therapy, RU offers massage therapy in order to reduce edema, introduce desensitization techniques, phantom limb pain relief, and decrease muscle contractures in order to allow for proper tissue and muscle length complemented with the progress achieved through physical therapy.

Physical therapy treatment is typically covered by health insurance, however, it is best to confirm that your specific plan is accepted by Rehab United.
In the event that your insurance is not contracted with Rehab United, we offer cash-pay services. 
A prescription is not required for physical therapy, however, your insurance company may require one for payment for services rendered.  

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