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Custom Orthotics

Assisting Common Foot and Leg Deformities for Pain Relief

Physical therapy patient getting fitted by a physical therapist for a pair of custom orthotics

The foot plays a crucial role in our body's movement, being the first point of contact during walking. It comprises 26 bones and multiple joints that operate in three planes of motion. A normal foot should exhibit flexibility during initial contact for load control, shock absorption, and adaptation to different terrains. Additionally, it should provide stability and rigidity during propulsion.


Structural and positional deformities in the feet or lower limbs can negatively impact foot function during standing and movement. Our custom foot orthotics are designed to decrease abnormal compensations. We utilize a comprehensive weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing assessment, incorporating tools to measure forefoot and rearfoot mechanics. Additionally, we take a custom cast of your foot in the ideal neutral position. Each orthotic is meticulously crafted to align your body optimally, providing relief and restoring function.

Our Specialists

Correcting Foot Function with Custom Orthotics

Common Deformities

Our team of specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of structural foot deformities and compensatory mechanisms. By combining subjective patient information with thorough physical evaluations, we identify compensations that may lead to tissue or joint injuries. This meticulous approach ensures that the custom orthotics we create meet your unique needs, allowing you to return to pain-free, normal functioning.

  • Rear Foot Varus (Subtalar)

  • Compensated/Uncompensated Forefoot Varus

  • Forefoot Varus

  • Forefoot Valgus

  • Plantar-Flexed 1st Ray

  • Forefoot Supinatus

  • Forefoot Equinus

  • Plantar Lesions

Custom orthotic assessments, fittings, and castings are all done at any of our locations. Each orthotic is made to manage specific foot types that are limiting function, causing pain, and preventing normal activity or recreation.

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