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Athletic Training

We’ve Been Active in the Athletic Training Community for Over 13 Years!

We continue to advocate for Certified Athletic Trainers to be at every high school, working with local districts to meet those needs. We have developed an ever-growing Athletic Trainer Network to provide services at many sporting events in our communities, from youth to professional. Our athletic trainers serve as medical professionals caring for athletes in many local tournaments.

Our Trainers

Our athletic trainers work hand-in-hand with our physical therapists in our clinics, where they gain valuable first-hand experience in the same core principles of Applied Functional Science that drive our practice.

This philosophy and approach to care allows us to achieve accelerated results that are measurable and sustainable while developing more educated and skilled athletic trainers. Since this approach is integrated deeply in the care we provide, we are able to either get your athlete back on the field safely and sooner or communicate to your coaches why your athlete is unable to return.


Our philosophy adapts the idea that every action leads to a reaction, which is especially true for the human body. One faulty part leads to many faulty parts that potentially cause pain, degeneration, injury, or difficulty healing. An AFS-trained athletic trainer has the unique ability to find that faulty part, evaluate how it has affected the rest of the body, and fix it correctly to get your athlete back on the field.

Our goal, however, is not to simply get your athletes back to the sport, but to ensure that they will have a much lower risk of re-injury. By doing this, we foster comfort and confidence in your athletes, coaches, and parents that the athlete will not only return successfully but with optimal safety and performance for years to come.

Need Athletic Trainers for Your Team, School, or Tournament?

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Physical therapy treatment is typically covered by health insurance, however, it is best to confirm that your specific plan is accepted by Rehab United.
In the event that your insurance is not contracted with Rehab United, we offer cash-pay services. 


A prescription is not required for physical therapy, however, your insurance company may require one for payment for services rendered. 

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