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Our Approach

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

Our expert therapists provide individualized evaluations in a private setting, considering your symptoms and medical history. Treatment may include pelvic muscle palpation, with your consent, to address specific concerns. We aim to enhance mobility, strength, and movement patterns, reducing pain and minimizing the risk of injury in daily activities and childcare tasks.​ Through our program, patients can return to their previous level of activity following injury, surgery, or childbirth.

For pelvic pain cases, we recommend consulting your OB-GYN to rule out underlying medical conditions. Our physical therapy program complements medical care, delivering optimal outcomes and empowering your recovery. Our specialized treatment offers numerous benefits, including improved range of motion, strength, identification of contributing factors, reduced pain levels, enhanced continence, and better quality of life.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

At Rehab United, we specialize in pelvic health for both men and women addressing various pelvic floor dysfunctions such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and pelvic trauma.

“Around 1 in 4 women develop a pelvic floor disorder — and wait over six years to get help treating it.”

Don't worry if you don't see your condition listed here; our expertise extends beyond this partial list of injuries we treat.

Common Pelvic Floor Conditions We Treat

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Physician holding a replica of a pelvis to show patient their anatomy.

When scheduling your initial pelvic health evaluation, please select our Kearny Mesa or Bonita location.

Take the first step towards improved pelvic health and well-being!

Take the first step towards improved pelvic health and well-being!

Offered at our Kearny Mesa & Bonita locations!

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