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Insurance Coverage 

Did you know? For most insurance policies, California's Direct Access Law (AB1000) allows patients to seek the care of a licensed physical therapist without a prescription from a medical doctor and receive treatment for up to 12 visits or 45 days, whichever occurs first (authorization-based policies excluded).

Rehab United is a contracted provider with most major PPO/POS plans, Tricare, Medicare, Workers Compensation, select HMO plans, and accepts auto claims with MedPay coverage. For patients with policies that we are not contracted with, we offer competitive self-pay options to enable elective access to quality care.

PPO/POS Policies:

  • Aetna

  • Anthem Blue Cross

  • Blue Shield*​

  • Cigna

  • First Health

  • Health Net

  • United Health Care

Workers Compensation Policies:

  • City of San Diego

  • Department of Labor

  • MedRisk

  • One Call Care Management

HMO Groups Accepted:

  • Kaiser Permanente
    (by Authorization)

Government Policies:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Medicare

  • Tricare / TriWest

As you know, the world of health insurance can be a maze to navigate. If your insurance provider is not listed above, it is not an indication that we do not accept your policy. For clarification on your specific policy, please contact the location nearest you and one of our associates will be happy to help!

QUOTE OF BENEFITS: It is in our best practices to obtain a quote of benefits from your insurance provider prior to your first visit. While we do our best to obtain the most accurate information, please note that benefits provided to you are estimated based on information from your insurance and are not guaranteed. 

CHANGE IN COVERAGE: To ensure accuracy in coverage and avoid interruption of your treatment, any changes in your policy or insurance provider should be communicated to our front office staff prior to the changes taking effect.

Insurance Terminology

DEDUCTIBLE Your policy's deductible is a dollar amount that you are required to pay out of pocket before your insurance benefits start to apply.

CO-INSURANCE Your co-insurance is a percentage that represents your share of the financial responsibility for each claim's allowed amount after your deductible is met. Because it is a percentage of the claim's allowed amount, the amount can vary based on the service.

COPAY Your copay is a set dollar amount that represents your financial responsibility for a claim and usually does not fluctuate regardless of a claim's allowed amount.

OUT OF POCKET MAXIMUM This amount represents the maximum dollar amount that you are personally responsible for within your policy year. Once this amount is met (for most policies), your insurance generally covers 100% of services until your next policy year.

COORDINATION OF BENEFITS To ensure accurate claim processing, it is your responsibility to ensure that any/all active insurance policies are aware of each other. 

POLICY YEAR Your benefit coverage has a term in which your benefits apply. A calendar year policy resets every January 1st. A benefit-year policy resets on the same date that your policy became active. 

*We are out of network with Blue Shield Covered CA plans or Blue Shield plans that "mirror" Covered CA plans (Prefixes: XED, XEK). However, we are still able to see you under insurance if your policy has out-of-network benefits.

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