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Direct Messaging with Your Therapist

Communication is key! Have questions about your exercises? Feeling some new or unusual pain? Now through our patient portal, you can communicate directly with your therapist between visits.


Home Exercise Programs

Your custom home exercise programs are now available on your phone, complete with video demonstrations of how to safely and effectively perform the movements.


Educational Content

Knowledge is power. As a teaching facility, we strongly believe that understanding your body, your condition, its root causes, and how to prevent it will help you recover more successfully and decrease the likelihood of re-injury. With educational content coming from your therapist, you'll be better in no time!


Exercise Reminders

With your busy schedule, it's easy to forget to do your exercises, which can prolong your recovery time. Exercise Reminders help you stay on track with doing exercises as prescribed to keep you progressing outside our clinics. You can even earn badges as you complete your exercises and stay engaged with your plan of care!


Pain Assessments

Complete your periodic pain surveys and assessments digitally on your phone at your convenience! Then, track your progress over time with accessible charts that provide


What is Keet Health?

Keet Health provides Rehab United patients with a patient portal that is accessible through your desktop web browser or mobile app to enhance your recovery experience! Through this free portal, you get access to:

At Rehab United...

We're committed to providing you with the best recovery experience to get you the best possible results. We're excited to announce Keet Activate, the new-and-improved patient experience that puts recovery at your fingertips─filling the gaps between your visits.

Keet Activate

Stay connected between visits and stay engaged with your treatment plan to get the most out of your recovery. Now at Rehab United, your recovery is in the palm of your hands.

Keet Activate: Google Play

Keet Activate: Apple App Store

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