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We help you feel like yourself again

so you can get back to

doing the things you love.

Whether it's playing sports, exercising, gardening, or carrying your grandchild, pain shouldn't keep you from doing it.


At Rehab United, we focus on treating the root causes of your condition, not just the symptoms.
By doing this, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people not just get back to doing the things they love, but in many cases, helped them feel better than they ever felt before they were in pain! Don't wait for the pain to take you further away from the things you enjoy─get started today.
Physical Therapists caring for chronic knee pain

Here at Rehab United, Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists focus on treating the causes of your condition.
Our treatment emphasizes improved function, restoration of flexibility and mobility, and helps each patient reach their goals with customized programs.

Our dedicated staff and professionals are what allow us to be the best therapy provider San Diego can offer.

San Diego Massage Near Me

Our massage therapists work collaboratively with our
physical therapists and Fit Societe coaches to offer the most effective and comprehensive approach to massage in San Diego.
We also offer additional wellness services such as Custom Orthotics and the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.


To empower our patients to transition from recovery to fitness, we created Fit Societe, our very own fitness brand housed within our facilities that is designed, developed, and backed by physical therapists, massage therapists, and certified strength and conditioning specialists.
Fit Societe now offers
memberships and online classes In San Diego.



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