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Applied Functional Science

What is Applied Functional Science (AFS)? AFS is the convergence of the physical, biological, and behavioral science worlds to treat the body using practical, context-based movements. AFS was developed by Dr. Gary Gray from the Gray Institute and has influenced the physical therapy realm for over 40 years now. AFS sees the body as a whole, not just comprised of different parts put together; that's why this practice treats the root cause of an issue and not just the symptoms.

How We Differ From Traditional PT's

We utilize Applied Functional Science as our foundation, but we add our unique twist to it with a more hands-on approach. The best way to describe our approach is that instead of using a microscopic, isolated view of the body, we attempt to take a three-dimensional panoramic view of the entire system to properly assess impairments and determine where the patient’s dysfunction is truly stemming from. Using our knowledge of anatomy, biology, physiology, physics, and biomechanics, we can effectively dissect functional movement patterns to determine how the patient’s impairments are leading to their symptoms and functional limitations.

Once we identify the impairments at fault, the physical therapist will develop an individualized plan of care with interventions, which include but are not limited to mobilizations, massage, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, blood flow restriction, taping, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and cupping, to improve the patient’s functional deficits effectively and efficiently with the end goal being to decrease their symptoms and improve their function.

We take pride in putting the fun into function by creating unique exercises that look and feel like what the patient has goals of returning to. We do our best to replicate the physical demands required on their body to complete daily tasks and functional activities with decreased pain and limitations.


Lastly and most importantly, we empower our patients through education to understand their bodies and to take control of their rehabilitation process by making themselves accountable to adhere to the plan of care and be compliant with their Home Exercise Program, so that together we can achieve THEIR functional goals.

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